freestanding peg boards




freestanding peg boards

market stall co freestanding peg boards made from a beautifully sanded 18mm b/b radiata plywood with 19mm diameter peg holes spaced 150mm apart.

including our unique market stall co timber supports, perfect for flat packing and ease of setup.

available in many sizes, just choose your required length and width from the drop down menus above!

each peg board comes with with 6 x 15cm long tasmanian oak dowel pegs. to order additional pegs click here.

each peg hole is 15cm apart so the number of peg holes will depend on the size of the board.

to order peg board only option click here.

to order shelves for your pegboard click here.

also now available, NEW pegboard rungs. click here to order some with your pegboard purchase.

shipping australia wide.



– available in many different sizes.

– freestanding, perfect for a back wall for a market stand.

– simple, elegant design, with wide spaced peg holes for minimalist look.

– useful for hanging products.



 available in many dimensions as per the drop down menu above

– 60cm x 45cm ( 12 peg holes)

– 60cm x 60cm ( 16 peg holes)

– 60cm x 90cm ( 24 peg holes)

– 60cm x 100cm ( 28 peg holes)

– 60cm x 120cm ( 32 peg holes)

– 90cm x 45cm ( 18 peg holes)

– 90cm x 60cm ( 24 peg holes)

– 90cm x 90cm ( 36 peg holes)

– 90cm x 100cm ( 42 peg holes)

– 90cm x 120cm ( 48 peg holes)

– 120cm x 45cm ( 24 peg holes)

– 120cm x 60cm ( 32 peg holes)

– 120cm x 90cm ( 48 peg holes)

– 120cm x 100cm ( 56 peg holes)

– 120cm x 120cm ( 64 peg holes)

– 150cm x 45cm ( 30 peg holes)

– 150cm x 60cm ( 40 peg holes)

– 150cm x 90cm ( 60 peg holes)

– 150cm x 100cm ( 70 peg holes)

– 150cm x 120cm ( 80 peg holes)

– 180cm x 45cm ( 36 peg holes)

– 180cm x 60cm ( 48 peg holes)

– 180cm x 90cm ( 72 peg holes)

– 180cm x 100cm ( 84 peg holes)

– 180cm x 120cm ( 96  peg holes)

– 210cm x 45cm ( 42 peg holes)

– 210cm x 60cm ( 56 peg holes)

– 210cm x 90cm ( 84 peg holes)

– 210cm x 100cm ( 98 peg holes)

– 210cm x 120cm ( 112 peg holes)

– 240cm x 45cm ( 48 peg holes)

– 240cm x 60cm ( 64 peg holes)

– 240cm x 90cm ( 96 peg holes)

– 240cm x 100cm ( 112 peg holes)

– 240cm x 120cm ( 128 peg holes)

current production timeframe;

all our items are made in our workshop here in melbourne. whilst on occasion we do have some items in stock, mostly these are made on demand. our current production timeframe is 7-10 business days from confirmation of your order. please include your desired delivery dates in the notes section for all online orders. delivery dates will be confirmed with two to three business days upon receipt of the order.

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Additional information

Weight29 kg
Dimensions125 × 125 × 15 cm

60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm, 240cm


45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm

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