angled display tray

the market stall co angled display tray is specifically designed to hold jewellery cards, just slot the cards in the grooves and stand your product up. the angled display tray will sit 2cm higher at the back then you can use the different lengths of dowel provided at 5cm and 7.5cm high to prop the display tray on different angles to suit your needs and allow your customers to see your product better. handmade in melbourne and constructed with 18mm bb radiata plywood with a beautifully sanded raw finish.

shipping australia wide.



50cm wide x 30cm deep

grooves every 5cm, cut on a 20 degree angle

2cm – 4cm high with two different size dowel props provided at 5cm + 7.5cm


current production timeframe;

all our items are handmade in melbourne. whilst on occasion we do have some items in stock, mostly these are made on demand. we're currently dispatching within 10 days

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Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions60 × 90 × 2 cm

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